There are 19 Pueblo tribes in New Mexico
Each pueblo is a sovereign nation

Today, Pueblo people are located primarily in New Mexico. At one time, the Pueblo homeland reached into what is now Colorado and Arizona, where incredible dwellings and trading centers were established at sites such as Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico and Mesa Verde in southwestern Colorado. Pueblo people have preserved their identity in the face of multiple colonizing nations, and today, as always, value their identity and traditional ways of life. At the same time, Pueblo people live in modern houses, working and living both on and off our reservations.

Pueblo beliefs and actions are still guided by Pueblo Core Values, which include love, respect, compassion, faith, understanding, spirituality, balance, peace, and empathy. Celebrations and ceremonies are continued throughout the year, maintaining the connection to Pueblo communities, ancestors, and to the Earth.

Active Pueblo’s working in the film industry:

  • Acoma
  • Cochiti
  • Jemez
  • Laguna
  • Nambe/Pojaque
  • Navajo Nation
  • Santa Ana
  • Santa Clara
  • Santa Domingo
  • Tesuque
  • Zia