Filming on Native Land

  1. Ask how the tribes want to be referred to – ie Laguna Pueblo, Sioux ( Lakota?), Kiowa etc
  2. Ask about when they close the lands for ceremonies, dances, feasts, deaths etc.
  3. Where can you scout and film and what areas are off limits.
  4. If someone dies will it affect your filming. They usually close the tribal entrance during deaths for a few days.
  5. What are their protocols that might slow or halt filming.
  6. What is the procedure to be able to scout and to film on Native land. Meeting with Governor and council
  7. Who does the production company need to hire and how many to be with the filming.
  8. Where can basecamp and catering live according to where filming takes place.
  9. What needs to be done to put the location back to how it was. Reseed, paint, pick up garbage, grade roads etc.
  10. Try to hire as many people from the tribe for the filming for various departments as well as security. Police are usually from the tribe.
  11. What money needs to be paid to the tribe aside from the location.
  12. Donations to education are always a good idea.
  13. The Location manager should suggest speaking to students about their job and filming information.
  14. Review contract with Tribal lawyer to decide what is applicable for the Production and for the Tribe.
  15. To include certain tribal members for meals as well as native crew hired.